The Writer’s Life

I figured out what I love about this lifestyle, other than the writing of course, are the fantastic and interesting people I have the privilege of meeting and conversing with.  Today, I had an awesome appointment with a fellow that is re-designing the book cover to Wake Me Up Inside. After rambling on about the story line, he looked at me and said rather excitedly ‘How cool’.  He’s come up with a great design (which will be revealed in April or thereabouts) and was on the same page with my thoughts on the cover and when that happens, it’s magic.  Thank you to the artist.  On another note, I spoke with the famous John Robert Colombo who is engaging and soon to read my ebook and perhaps review it depending on his thoughts.  Let’s cross our fingers that he likes it! 🙂 And lastly, I am trying to contact Leonard Cohen, a fellow Canadian, musician and singer/songwriter.  I want to include one of his amazing songs in my next ebook.  So if you live in California and you happen to run into him, could you please ask him to return the email from fellow Canadian Lee Bice-Matheson?  I’d really appreciate it! 🙂 Many do not know this but I work with my husband in our Clinic and the people that I get to speak with there are awesome;  each and every one of them!  I do warn them that they may end up as fodder for my books. And lastly  I didn’t want to do it, I have succumbed to Twitter and it’s pretty cool.  I have several followers which is kind but no one seems to answer the question ‘DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?’ If you want to join in on a worldwide conversation, look me up under BiceMatheson or on  Thank you!

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