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Destiny’s Gate the second book in the Paige Maddison Series was released to the public on August 18, 2014, FriesenPress.


Shaken by the haunting from Conall, Paige Maddison hopes to put it behind her. When Paige’s premonitions, nightmares, and ghostly visions return, however, she realizes there is no way of getting back to the normal she once knew. Try as she might to adjust to her new life at the O’Brien Manor, dark forces begin to brew on the grounds of the haunted O’Brien estate. Paige becomes the unwilling target of the Earthbounds, anguished souls who seek revenge and retribution.

But where there is darkness, there is also light. Through an enigmatic string of events that has her questioning who she truly is, Paige soon learns that she is not only being watched over by guardians of both the spirit and mortal realms, but also being called upon by a greater power beyond her wildest comprehension. As her world is turned upside down, Paige faces a life-changing dilemma: Should she embrace her special gift and fulfill the destiny that is unfolding before her? Or will she succumb to the evil that surrounds her and deny her true identity?

Destiny’s Gate, book two in the Paige Maddison Series, follows the young heroine on her personal journey of discovering inner strength, undying loyalty, and the profound power of unwavering love. J.R. and Lee Bice-Matheson’s Destiny’s Gate promises to be more suspenseful and scarier than Wake Me Up Inside, the first offering in the acclaimed Paige Maddison YA (Young Adult) series.

PW Select January 2015 lists Destiny’s Gate’s co-authors as one of the #Self #Pub authors for booksellers, publishers, and agents to watch, discover, or pick-up. What an honour! TY Publishers Weekly, also known as “the bible of the book business.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS says, “In the second entry of Matheson and Bice-Matheson’s (Wake Me Up Inside, 2012) series, ghosts, spirit wolves, spirit guides, and angels both complicate and support Paige Maddison’s quest to discover the truth about her family’s supernatural heritage…the weirdness of O’Brien Manor that had manifested over the summer in the appearances of ghosts is being augmented by new developments: the arrival of Allan Brewer…Paige’s developing friendship with local psychics Peggy and Carole; the discovery of psychic powers in her own grandfather and mother; unexpected messages from First Nation spirit guide Grey Owl and the Archangel Michael…Paige comes across as a true teenage girl, with all the emotional drama and self-questioning that entails. In a pleasant change for this type of story, the budding romance between her and Allan is recognized by both of them as something that needs to be put on the back burner until danger is past; equal time is also given to Paige’s friendships with the teenage Carole, elderly Peggy, and Allan’s young stepdaughter, Trixie. An enjoyable supernatural teen adventure…” January 7, 2014

An Excerpt from Destiny’s Gate:

As I retreated to the basement, I spied my grandfather sitting in the dining room, talking to himself. I crept towards him with the hopes of eavesdropping.

Grandpa bellowed, “Who’s there?”

In a flash, I ran to the basement, almost tripping down the stairs, and spilled into the basement hallway. I dropped the flashlight and arose; ten pairs of yellow eyes reflected in the darkness, on my left, and when I turned to the right, there were more. I froze and squeezed my eyes tight, hoping this was just a hallucination. The sound of their nails on the cement floor clicked, clicked, clicked as these creatures drew closer, echoing throughout the hallway. I could smell their rotting flesh as it burned into my nostrils. An overwhelming sense of dread resonated within me and I grasped the fact that this was actually happening.

For a brief moment, I smelled a musky scent. Something or someone nudged me from behind, almost knocking me down. I caught myself on the railing and gazed down at the beautiful blue-eyed wolf. It stared deeply into my eyes as the wolf moved past me. Next, I heard a bone-chilling, low growl arising from it and some scuffling. I lost consciousness.

Co-Authors J.R. Matheson and Lee Bice-Matheson support Literacy in Schools. The Paige Maddison Series is in the annual Battle of the Books from 2013-2015 for Simcoe County. Literacy Award Winner.

Readers are in for a fast-paced tale full of thrills, chills, and nail-biting cliff-hangers. Destiny’s Gate isn’t just a riveting page-turner, though; it’s also a poignant, insightful commentary on the powers of loyalty, unconditional love, and sacrifice. It’s a coming of age story we can all relate to. With a writing style that’s both clear and animated, Matheson delivers a gripping series that supernatural-lovers everywhere are sure to enjoy!” 5 stars Review by Scriv, 13/01/15

Two very talented, awesome Canadian authors and a very talented Irish Horror Author/Film-maker have endorsed Destiny’s Gate written by Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson:

International Best Selling AuthorCheryl Kaye Tardif writes:

Beautifully Written, Inspiring and Moving, Destiny’s Gate questions our faith in good versus evil in a truly unique ghostly suspense for teens.” March 17, 2014 — Thank you, Cheryl.

Canada’s Master GathererJohn Robert Colombo has this to say:

Destiny’s Gate is a worthy addition to the Paige Maddison Series. It moves from “Perhaps, I was living between parallel realities” to “This was my destiny — to protect my family and our heritage, with a little help from my friends.” In between are numerous twists and turns which involve character, knowledge, and understanding. In fact, it is a coming-of-age novel, about a young woman’s maturity, with many a transformation along the way! A detail: The introduction of Grey Owl as a person and as a power is unique in my reading experience. There are many worlds here. Indeed, here is a novel that is written with power and excitement and … let me add … a sense of vision. — John Robert Colombo, Author and Anthologist  February 23, 2104 Thank you, J.R. Colombo!

Irish Horror Author, film-maker and writer/director, Philip Henry has this to say:

I just finished Destiny’s Gate and really enjoyed it. The second book in the series feels less like a sequel and more like the second installment of a trilogy; the part which is usually the most spiritual and soul-searching. There are many surprises, shocks and scares around every corner as young Paige comes to realize just how important she is in the on-going battle between good and evil. The story keeps the reader gripped throughout and the ending leaves no doubt that Ms. Maddison’s adventures are far from over.  Philip Henry, Irish Author, Writer Director/Film-maker

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