DON’T MISS THIS YA SUPERNATURAL ADVENTURE! Hats off to the mother/son writing team of Lee and J.R. Matheson for another great Paige Maddison adventure! Paige seems much older than her 17 years at times as she battles the Ultimate Evil. The authors do a great job of moving the story back and forth between the spiritual and mortal realms in a believable way. I love that the book is a clean read with important issues like friendship, betrayal, and the power of love mixed in with otherworldly spirits, fallen angels, Archangels, and more! The story is fast-paced, the characters are colorful, and the writing style is easy to enjoy. It’s not necessary that you read the first two books of the series to understand this one, but trust me—you’ll definitely want to read them once you’re done with Shine Your Light. 5* S. Hughes, November 22, 2016

THIS BOOK WAS SO EXCITING AND DETAILED FROM BEGINNING TO END: In Shine Your Light, authors Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson pose the question: what would happen if one does not fulfill their destiny and allows darkness to prevail? This novel is electrifying, fast-paced and full of genuine emotion as it transcends matters such as self-doubt and evil. The authors explore and expose details from various sources allowing the reader to learn and grow alongside the heroine. We meet new characters who are gratifyingly developed, namely the villain who aided the plot in becoming the most thrilling and inspiring novel of the trilogy. Paige is transformed throughout her explorations and conquers all with the help of her gifts, angels, respected mentors, family and friends. The authors leave us with a final notion that we must trust our own instincts and ultimately come from a place of love. 5* Katy, November 21, 2016
AMAZING FINISH TO THE TRILOGY: Wow, what an exciting read! After reading the previous books in the trilogy, I was eager to read Shine Your Light and was not disappointed. Once again the writing from both Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson is seamless, working in perfect unison. Hard to believe there is mother-son duo behind this masterpiece.
All of the characters are interesting and so complex, although our heroine, Paige has matured quite a bit throughout the series after overcoming countless otherworldly experiences. Growing up is challenging enough when juggling things such as high school commitments and pressures from friends, but Paige is also navigating her extraordinary gifts. This book has it all: adventure, mystery, multifaceted relationships, discovery and left me feeling uplifted and hopeful. Do yourself a favour and read it! 5* Amazon Reviewer, November 21, 2016

In Praise of “Destiny’s Gate” by Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson, 2014-2015:

Canada’s Master Gatherer, John Robert Colombo, says:  Destiny’s Gate is a worthy addition to the Paige Maddison Series. It moves from “Perhaps, I was living between parallel realities” to “This was my destiny — to protect my family and our heritage, with a little help from my friends.” In between are numerous twists and turns which involve character, knowledge, and understanding. In fact, it is a coming-of-age novel, about a young woman’s maturity, with many a transformation along the way! A detail: The introduction of Grey Owl as a person and as a power is unique in my reading experience. There are many worlds here. Indeed, here is a novel that is written with power and excitement and … let me add … a sense of vision. — John Robert Colombo, Author and Anthologist  March 7, 2014

Here is the most recent blurb from International Best Selling Author, Cheryl Kaye Tardif: “Beautifully written, Inspiring and Moving, Destiny’s Gate questions our faith in good versus evil in a truly unique ghostly suspense for teens.” March 18, 2014

I just finished Destiny’s Gate and really enjoyed it. The second book in the series feels less like a sequel and more like the second installment of a trilogy; the part which is usually the most spiritual and soul-searching. There are many surprises, shocks and scares around every corner as young Paige comes to realize just how important she is in the on-going battle between good and evil. The story keeps the reader gripped throughout and the ending leaves no doubt that Ms. Maddison’s adventures are far from over.  Philip Henry, Irish Author, Writer Director/Film-maker June 4, 2014

5 stars! I loved Destiny’s Gate. What is so different about this series: A historical fiction writer must adhere to the culture of the era the author is writing about. They have a guideline, so to speak, of which they must write their story within. But you are writing a fantasy adventure where there are no rules, no guidelines, it’s pure imagination. Congratulations to you and to J.R. That to me is brilliant.” R.J. September 15, 2014.

First off I have to say how amazing the book title is. It literally pulled me RIGHT IN! What an amazing first sentence in chapter 1…. jeez! You opened and closed this book with such intrigue and conviction – I was just floored. I like how you used more mature adjectives throughout, which will allow your ‘young adult’ reader to grow and develop. Not only are you enlightening your reader in a spiritual sense, you’re teaching in a more literal ‘teacher-student’ sense too. After getting goosebumps 5-times, I lost count. You touched upon anxiety/insomnia and how to relax from it…. Bringing yourself back to reality and calming down. Sections of this book made me feel as if you were speaking directly to me! Not only guiding me, but letting me know I’m not alone in this journey. I am so thrilled for other ‘intuitives’ to have this form of love and guidance at their fingertips… You are going to be the Peggy/Carole/Uncle Kyle, etc for a whole new generation!!!! I love Paige’s subtle sarcasm! You really bring every character to life! The passage at the end of Destiny’s Gate is AMAZING! As I read the last sentence and saved the book, the song ‘Werewolves of London’ by Warren Zevon started playing and the first sound in the song is a ‘howl’…. Coincidence?  A Fan – K.J., August, 2014. 5 STARS

Well I must say that your new book kept me well entertained on the cold and rainy days at the cottage, thank you! Another winner on your hands and I am sure that this one will far out pace your original book. I actually took up a James Patterson with me BUT didn’t open it; that’s a first so you know that your book was better than “good.” Congratulations, here’s hoping your readers can sleep at night!  L.S. August, 2014.

This creative, fantasy-adventure novel is actually a how-to handbook on learning to conquer all evil forces with love. Spiritual people, lightworkers and angels all do their part to make the world a better place for all. The dark, evil forces however, try to lure people with greed and ego who have low energy and poor role models in their lives. Paige is a lovely spiritual person who cares about everyone, but after turning seventeen she realizes she is developing abilities for helping anyone in need through the powers of love and being fair to all.  Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson lead the readers along a classic story of learning to overcome evil with nothing but love and perseverance. The story has the perfect mix of descriptive, action sequences with quiet times of introspection and unique idiosyncrasies of Paige’s personality. She is quite the character! There are twists and turns that will shock the reader. This is one book you do not want to miss! Once again, I can’t wait for the next book in this series. M.M. October, 2014. 5 STARS

Loved the book! It was fast-paced and the characters came right out of the pages! Loved Paige in particular 🙂 K.D. December 29, 2014. 5 STARS

I had not read the first book in the series but i still really enjoyed this. I will have to get my hands on the first one so i can fully enjoy the story. This book is great and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so all I will say – you need to try this book. S.Q. December 30, 2014. 5 STARS


Lee Bice-Matheson’s second book is even better than the first! This story draws you in from the start with seemingly unending thrills so vividly described that you almost feel like you are with Paige through it all! I think this book is perfect for young adults. The writing style is relatable and uses humour,while still truly capturing the overanalyzing mind of a young girl. Can’t wait for the next book! J.S. January 8, 2015. 5 STARS

Unconditional love and sacrifice: Destiny’s Gate is the second installment in the Paige Maddison series, and it’s just as exciting and readable as the first. Teenage heroine Paige remains on her family’s eerie country estate while her parents are in Italy, and the ghostly terrors start up again. This time, she starts hearing voices and having premonitions, and before long, she learns that she’s is being targeted by supernatural evils. But, she’s also got some unique powers of her own, and readers are in for a fast-paced tale full of thrills, chills, and nail-biting cliff-hangers.
Destiny’s Gate isn’t just a riveting page-turner, though; it’s also a poignant, insightful commentary on the powers of loyalty, unconditional love, and sacrifice. It’s a coming of age story we can all relate to.
With a writing style that’s both clear and animated, Matheson delivers a gripping series that supernatural-lovers everywhere are sure to enjoy! by Scriv on Amazon, January 13, 2015.  5 STARS

In Praise of “Wake Me Up Inside” by Lee Bice-Matheson

“It was an amazing feeling …. ” So begins this lively short first novel written by Lee Bice-Matheson. It tells the story of a young girl who will soon be a young woman, so part of the novel’s charm lies in how it describes young Paige’s exuberant feelings for her grandparents, her parents, and her best friends of both sexes. It begins in Scarborough, the Ontario one, not the one in North Yorkshire, England, and then it transports the reader to “the Manor” where life is rather different, both demanding and rewarding! The author deserves to be congratulated, for she has found a style that moves along in a sprightly fashion. She spares the reader the descriptive passages found in most first novels in favour of rewarding the reader with reams of lively speech. The result is that young Paige is very much alive, she enters into relationships, and she turns out to be something of an acrobat, for she leaps off the page! The novel may begin with a dream sequence, but it ends with a hilarious scene with these very words: “What now?! Sacrilege!”  REVIEWED BY JOHN ROBERT COLOMBO, AUTHOR & ANTHOLOGIST, Canada’s My Mystery and Master Gatherer.

Wake Me Up Inside is weaved around a teenage Canadian girl, Paige Maddison, who still discovers a fascinating world around and inside her. Not only that…but through her dreams she explores another world, chilling, creepy and mysterious. Unfortunately, the otherworld explores her as well. It’s just a matter of time before real and illusory become inseparable, bringing her to the adventure where her family’s past, present and future are the integral parts.
Gradually reading page by page I found myself veiled with plenty of layers of mystery and love, relationships and suspense, romance and discovery – thin enough not to be bored and sufficiently thick to keep you entertained. Development, rather slow in the beginning, tensed as Paige’s adventure progressed to its inevitable end and the pieces of the story puzzle are being put together.
For me this book, from its inaugural decorations to the barefaced cliffhanger in the very ultimate sentence, is certainly a nice way to spend an evening or two.
Mental note: not to forget to read parts two and three. A. Kharytanovich 5 stars on Goodreads Jan 2, 2014 Thank you Aliaxey! 🙂 Thrilled to receive this review.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I really enjoyed reading this book. The story is about a teenage girl named Paige Maddison who is forced to move with her parents to an estate called O’Brien Manor to help her Grandfather who is ill. Paige starts to experience paranormal activity and bears the burden of solving the family secret which is tied to an evil spirit haunting the estate. Once I started reading this I could not put it down. It is spooky, and suspenseful. I thought it was extremely well written and I cannot wait to read the second one when it comes out. Megan on Goodreads 5 Stars, Oct 6, 2013

Lee Bice-Matheson’s debut novel starts out as a coming-of-age story, exploring the themes of transition and discovery as teenager Paige is uprooted from her urban life to live in her family’s ancestral home in rural Ontario, but before she leaves, she is already experiencing (prophetic?) visions of a little girl.
Paige quickly comes to love O’Brien Manor and helps to heal the rift between her mother and her estranged parents. Romance also blossoms in the form of hunky neighbour, Brad, and suddenly things aren’t looking so bad in the country. That is, until the ghosts of the past catch up with Paige and her family.
Lee Bice-Matheson slowly builds the tension with a cold spot here and a tap on the shoulder there, and as Paige’s dreams get stronger, she is getting weaker as the malevolent spirit feeds on the life energy of her and her grandfather. With Brad’s help, Paige has a mystery to solve and her grandfather’s medical condition gives the ticking clock necessary to ramp up the tension and make her investigation a race against time.
It’s a short novel and very easily read, and I’m sure its YA target audience will find much to identify with. I liked the Evanescence reference (where the book gets its title from), but the rest of the musical references went over my head. I’m only docking it a star because I believe there is more for teenage girls to empathise with here than a guy at the wrong end of his thirties.
This is the first book in a proposed trilogy. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. Reviewed by author and film maker Philip R. Henry 4 Stars Aug 28, 2013

An excellent thriller centered around the curious Paige Maddison who is in her teens is certain to keep you interested till the very end. I’ve just finished reading it…was such a delightful read, I couldn’t wait to get into it each day. I loved the author Lee Bice- Matheson’s writing as it was engaging and enjoyable, fast paced yet descriptive enough to evoke vivid mental images of all the main characters. The characters are complex and original. I would definately recommend it to all. The further I read into the story, the more I was intrigued to find out how it would all pan out. I would certainly read more of Lee Bice Matheson book in future…it’s a must read!! 5 Stars, Aug 21, 2013

This is one book that all YA’s, teens and middle school children will enjoy reading as Paige and Bradley fight and race to save the fate of someone she loves as one young girl and many adults learn the true meaning of love, family, loyalty and friendship.  5 stars  Fran Lewis: reviewer 23/1/13

I found this book to be the epitome of a compelling mystery and ghost story that retains the delightful cleanliness of a short novel suited for any age group. Lee Bice-Matheson’s style of writing very effectively drags you in and keeps a reader on his or her toes until the very end. The most noticeable aspect of the whole novel may be Lee Bice-Mathesons’s choice to use Paige’s stream-of-consciousness to describe the scenes around her rather than the usual ominous third-person descriptions found in so many other stories. This lends the book a sort of endearing innocence while maintaining the level of suspense needed to bring the reader to a satisfying conclusion. The first in a trilogy, Wake Me Up Inside introduces characters whom all demonstrate great potential for further development. I for one await the other two books with a fervor. This is highly recommended by Boyu Huang, Allbooks Review. 25/12/12

Thank you so much Boyu.  You read it here first!  This review is going up on Allbook Review website within this week.  What a Christmas present this is to me! :)  Here is the official link: 30/12/12

Latest review:  ‘I LOVED your book!’ was said with such passion it took me by surprise.  The reader continued, ‘I couldn’t believe it when I reached the last chapter and it was the ending.  I was so upset!  I wanted to read more.  When is your next book coming out?  Wake Me Up Inside is no ordinary ghost story, unlike so many out there.  It is unique and just great.  I was thrilled to see it’s a series. You are going to be as famous as Stephen King.’  This last remark took me quite by surprise and the intensity and honesty by this reader rang through in his review.  Keith, October 2012.

The book ‘Wake Me Up Inside’ was great. I couldn’t put the book down. I liked it because it was a big mystery and it was a little scary. I didn’t want to read it late at night because I thought it might scare me too much but it was great. I read it on the weekend  and I was so excited to read it. I though that the O’Brien’s manor was very creepy because it was so big and there were ghosts.  I also thought it was going to be a sad ending where the grandpa dies but thankfully… I can’t wait to read the next one when it comes out! The book was amazing.  Lindsay. October, 2012

Well done. It has a real gothic  feel to it. I really enjoyed it. Paige is quite the heroine and her friendship with Brad allowed them to uncover more than just the stones.  The darkness that was Conall was captured very well right from the first encounter on the ceiling on Paige’s bedroom that first night, at least that’s what I thought was happening.  There were moments when I felt completely drawn into the frightening situation Paige and Bradley were encountering  especially the incident in the dark room downstairs. I look forward to the next book and to discover whatever Dexter is all about. I am sure Paige will unravel that mystery too.  I was wondering however, if your interest in ghosts was because of an encounter or experience you had? Just curious.  Dave A.

I also had the pleasure of reading “Wake Me Up Inside” Read it in one night because I was curious of the ending – can’t wait for the next book to be out.  Congratulations Lee!  C. Byers

‘What a fantastic book!  I could not put it down.  Wow, I cannot wait for the second one to come out.  I truly enjoyed every word.  Way to go girl!’  Deb M.

‘I read your book in less than 24 hours, couldn’t put it down.  Well done!!  I really enjoyed it.’  June A.

I was shocked that at my age it held my attention and I couldn’t put it down.  I could picture everything like it was a movie playing in my head.  It was awesome.”  Shirley S.

“I opened your file to take a quick gander and found myself drawn into your tale.  Needless to say I was supposed to be working on other projects but got side tracked reading yours.  I truly enjoyed your story.  I found it caught me right from the start – thank you for allowing me to read it.”  J. Vleiger, Wingrove Press I was thrilled Jennifer enjoyed it and was set to move ahead with it until her company closed their doors.  March, 2010

This portion of a tale of the supernatural connects the world that teens will know and be familiar with to the terrifying concept of ghosts and the unexplained.  The appearance of orbs on Paige’s photographs is a nice touch of using small details to increase the feelings of suspense.”  C. Harkin, Editor, Children’s Books, Fitzhenry & Whiteside. June 2010

From the site :

WAKE ME UP inside, is a novel a person of any age can easily relate to. The author draws us into the heroine, Paige Maddison’s character with such detail  that the reader immediately becomes emotionally involved. I was intrigued from
beginning to end during the protagonist’s journey full of adventure and mystery.   I can’t wait to see what is next to come from this detail-oriented writer.  Without hesitation, I would recommend this book to those who are young at heart
and crave a suspense thriller. 5 Stars. Katy

Wake Me Up Inside was a delightful read. It held my interest as a reader from the beginning. The author touches on love and mystery in a manner that I would see any young adult enjoying, as well as older adults. I would not hesitate to recommened this book as a gift from parents to their teens (But read it yourself first) 5 Stars from this reader.  Bev

Move over James Patterson…there’s a new kid in town and she is going to  shine! Can’t wait for the sequel and the next, and the next (hopefully)! 5 Stars Ellen

Wake Me Up Inside is a wonderful book. The author develops an intriguing young  heroine in Paige Maddison, taking her on a stirring adventure where she learns  much about herself (and her family’s curious past). With its other rich  characters and a magically descriptive setting, I was completely immersed into  this eerie mystery. A highly recommended read for both young and old. 5 Stars. Jay

Paige is an ordinary girl who is very real, but the author has created a  mysterious aura around her. She crosses the boundary from normal day-to-day life  to a world of intrique and wonder. The book grabs your attention on the opening  page when Paige has a dream. This dream becomes reality through the book and
young readers will want to finish reading it to solve the mystery of Paige’s  heritage. A great read for any teen. 4 Stars Lynda, sister-in-law

FAMILY QUOTES:  I started reading your book last night and I think I’m on Chapter 7.  You have a great imagination!  As I was reading I was thinking how great this would be for a young teenager – so much to relate to.  From what I understand there aren’t enough good books out there for young girls to read today.   Finished!  I love the way you ended it.  You must be busy working on the sequel.  So exciting for you…..  Have fun! 5 Stars. Julie








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