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Paige Maddison by Lee Bice-Matheson

Paige Maddison Series by Lee Bice-Matheson

What’s included in the title of a fiction book? Many things, right? It can hold a tell-tale key to the story, or, it can remain a mystery until the reader grasps the pearl of wisdom within the novel. It can be titled after our main characters, or, named after an event contained within the world we create. Wake Me Up Inside, Book One, was aptly titled to reference Paige Maddison’s ‘awakening’ to her psychic and spiritual side of her ‘self.’ Here is what Amazon reviewer and author Laney Smith says: Lee Bice-Matheson is one of those authors that reaches into your depths and pulls out a part of you that has longed to be entertained for all of your days. Her smooth, easy writing style sweeps you up and carts you off to a brand new realm as though you’ve just stepped onto an adventurous ride at an amusement park. As you stroll through the pages (which fly by, I might add), you visualize exactly what the author wants you to see. The mystery and suspense deepen as the story goes along and you find yourself transported into a world, so well crafted, you feel thankful that you found this story – for this journey. Paige Maddison is a teenage girl whose parents decide to move her back to her mother’s family estate. Paige’s mysterious grandparents instantly give you the sense that they’re not gyrating in a “normal” orbit. Throw in a beautiful, yet creepy old mansion seated in a natural, garden-like setting and the tone is set. Paige has nightmares and though she attempts to dismiss them, there are parts of those vivid dreams that seem to resurface in her daily life. As you read this tale, you find yourself thirsting for the knowledge of what is truly happening around Paige. Bice-Matheson has gone through great pains to tell you an amazingly entertaining story and I won’t lessen your experience by giving anything away. What I will tell you is this was intended for young adults. However, as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed every last letter of every word of this book. The riveting twists and turns will keep the pages flying. From beginning to end, if you’re looking for an author to spend some time with, I strongly recommend you give this one a shot. The only regret you will have is when it ends. Luckily, Lee Bice-Matheson has that next volume ready and waiting. Don’t miss out on this fun, ghostly tale. Allow Lee Bice-Matheson to wake you up inside. Incredible! Thank you so much, Laney! She is the author of the Lock Creek Series.

Coauthors Lee + J.R. are a Mom-Son supernatural fiction series writing team. One of the first of its kind.

Coauthors Lee + J.R. are a Mom-Son supernatural fiction series writing team. One of the first of its kind.

Destiny’s Gate, Book Two, leads one through the events leading up to (and enlightening the reader along the way) Paige awakening to her ‘destiny’. It has been described by one reviewer as “a how-to handbook on learning to conquer evil forces with love.” Another reviewer said, “This special book is introduced with intrigue and conviction reminding us why we love the protagonist. Fans of the series will find this installment continues to bring the cast of characters vividly to life! Readers will be engaged through Paige’s unwavering courage and determination while (you the reader) being spiritually enlightened right along with her. The conclusion is extremely moving and leaves the reader wanting more from Lee and J.R. The authors touch upon one of the most important messages – through darkness comes light. I would highly recommend this book – it is not one to be missed!” Another Amazon Reviewer says: Loved the book! It was fast-paced and the characters came right out of the pages! Loved Paige in particular 🙂 And another reviewer says: Destiny’s Gate is the second installment in the Paige Maddison series, and it’s just as exciting and readable as the first. Teenage heroine Paige remains on her family’s eerie country estate while her parents are in Italy, and the ghostly terrors start up again. This time, she starts hearing voices and having premonitions, and before long, she learns that she’s is being targeted by supernatural evils. But, she’s also got some unique powers of her own, and readers are in for a fast-paced tale full of thrills, chills, and nail-biting cliff-hangers. Destiny’s Gate isn’t just a riveting page-turner, though; it’s also a poignant, insightful commentary on the powers of loyalty, unconditional love, and sacrifice. It’s a coming of age story we can all relate to. With a writing style that’s both clear and animated, Matheson delivers a gripping series that supernatural-lovers everywhere are sure to enjoy! Our latest Amazon reviewer, November, 2016, says Destiny’s Gate is ‘Spellbinding, a real page turner! Lots of twists and turns. Can’t wait for the next one! Great insight, love the hometown references!’ Thank you, Sandi K. We thank these Amazon reviewers.

Released Tuesday, November 15th, written by Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson. Mom-Son supernatural series writing team. Congrats J.R.!

Released Tuesday, November 15th, written by Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson. Mom-Son supernatural series writing team. Congrats J.R.!

We titled the next novel in the series Shine Your Light, Book Three. It takes J.R. and I most of the journey of writing the manuscript before we can even think of naming it. And then, Bam! it occurs to J.R. and I, but this time, it was about 3:30 a.m. We were definitely on the same ‘paige’ pardon the pun. It’s a relief to finally create the title, but more than that, we hope our readers will love it, too. Shine Your Light was released Tuesday, November 25th, 2016. There were two Amazon reviews within a week of the release: 1/ In Shine Your Light, authors Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson pose the question: what would happen if one does not fulfill their destiny and allows darkness to prevail? This novel is electrifying, fast-paced and full of genuine emotion as it transcends matters such as self-doubt and evil. The authors explore and expose details from various sources allowing the reader to learn and grow alongside the heroine. We meet new characters who are gratifyingly developed, namely the villain who aided the plot in becoming the most thrilling and inspiring novel of the trilogy. Paige is transformed throughout her explorations and conquers all with the help of her gifts, angels, respected mentors, family and friends. The authors leave us with a final notion that we must trust our own instincts and ultimately come from a place of love. Thank you Katy! 2/ Wow, what an exciting read! After reading the previous books in the trilogy, I was eager to read Shine Your Light and was not disappointed. Once again the writing from both Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson is seamless, working in perfect unison. Hard to believe there is mother-son duo behind this masterpiece. All of the characters are interesting and so complex, although our heroine, Paige has matured quite a bit throughout the series after overcoming countless otherworldly experiences. Growing up is challenging enough when juggling things such as high school commitments and pressures from friends, but Paige is also navigating her extraordinary gifts. This book has it all: adventure, mystery, multifaceted relationships, discovery and left me feeling uplifted and hopeful. Do yourself a favour and read it! Thank you kindly to this reviewer.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our supporters, reviewers, and for the warm reception that has begun for Shine Your Light

J.R. Matheson with mom, Lee Bice-Matheson at instore book signing, Chapters Square One. Thank you Nadia for hosting us!

J.R. Matheson with mom, Lee Bice-Matheson, at an in-store book signing, Chapters Square One. Thank you Nadia for hosting us!

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