On Mentoring: Sharing Knowledge and Passion for Writing Based Upon the Paige Maddison Series

I’ve had the honour and pleasure of meeting so many wonderful readers and book lovers since 2010 with the publication of my first novel, Wake Me Up Inside,

Thank you for your interest in the Paige Maddison Series. Remember, I cannot always say who bought it as Santa is coming very soon. 🙂

Paige Maddison Series. And I am forever grateful to have coauthored two novels with our son, J.R. Matheson, called Destiny’s Gate and Shine Your Light.

Lee and J.R. are pictured at their first book signing for Shine Your Light at Manticore Books, Orillia, ON. Thank you for having us. It was fantastic. Merry Christmas everyone.

It was our third year at The Word On The Street in 2017. It’s held at The Harbourfront Centre.

Life is interesting, indeed. I have taken a break from writing to tailor-make a course for a young and up-and-coming writer, who is also a gifted illustrator. I am so thrilled to be able to share my experiences, knowledge, and passion for the art of writing. We begin our mentoring course next Tuesday. I am deeply touched that a fine, local family asked me to work with their daughter. I have done many writing workshops over the past few years but not a one-on-one mentoring class. I promise to give it my all.

Looking back over the past 13 years, I realize my life has changed, and definitely our son’s has, too. J.R. told me that from his attendance at many of the book signings, it helped him in his PhD. He presents, often, at seminars. J.R. creates poster presentations which include a poster board with scientific facts and research for his specialty. Interested scientists approach him to ask questions about his research. It’s like book signings, where the author stands and

Paige Maddison Series hits Indigo Bay Bloor. Mom-son writing duo Lee Bice-Matheson with J.R. Matheson.

waits for readers to approach and ask about their novels. J.R. also recently received an ‘Outstanding’ in his scientific writing and writing, in general.  It makes my heart soar to know that our journey together has helped him achieve success in his Pharmacology PhD at the University of Toronto.

The mentoring course runs for seven weeks. It’ll wrap up the day before Halloween. Good thing! Lol. Remember reading expands your mind, expands your life, and your understanding of simple truths written into the novels, between the lines. Thank you so much to all who support this writer. Many, many thanks.

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