The Question in 2012: Is there Life After Death, not, Is the World going to End?

I realize my blog takes twists and turns and I really wanted to thank those subscribers who remain loyal.  It really depends on what I’m researching for my books as to my content, but it will never be revealed on my blog as it is written in to what I’m currently writing about.  For those of you who were interested in my blog on Dr Daryl Bem, this post may tweak your curiousity.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Bertrand Russell who wrote  a book, c1957, entitled Why I am Not a Christian.  Basically, he claims that once our body and brain die, that is all there is.  However, a Montreal neurosurgeon named Mario Beauregard, wrote a book c2007 entitled The Spiritual Brain.  He claims, from a neuroscientist’s point of view, that the soul does exist beyond the physical body’s death.  In fact, he is insisting on a new scientific framework for studying our existence:  life, death and the nature of the soul.  In addition, Ervin Laszlo, c2004, wrote Science and the Akashic Field:  An Integral Theory of Everything.  He states that we have an ‘energybody’ that is an integral part of the planet’s etheric body.   Though ‘consciousness’ is not fully understood at this point, it does not vanish when the function of the brain or body cease.  And finally, Tom Harpur, c2011, wrote a book entitled There is Life After Death supporting this theory.  It is his article in our local Packet and Times that brought this to my attention.  Thank you Mr. Harpur!  Something for us all to ponder, analyze, research, or talk about at our next family function.

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