Psychic Phenomena

For those of you who are experiencing psychic phenomena, I would suggest you look at my youtube video listed below or on the header of this website. Seek out information on the internet that speaks to you or find a book on the subject written by a psychologist or Ph.D. and finally, do consult a specialist in the area.  It could be a renowned psychic, a minister, rabbi or priest, spiritualist society or an elder, but make sure you talk to someone about what’s happening.  It is not good to keep it to yourself and wonder what is going on.  There is so much to learn about speaking to a higher power and you certainly want to make sure you are not speaking to a negative energy or otherwise.  A bit of advice, if you don’t mind, for the year 2012.  Get talking about it!  Harvard and other noted institutions have spent millions of dollars since the turn of the century on parapsychology research or what is now coined as ‘psi research’.  The CIA has been researching this phenomenon for many decades. Check out my post on Dr Daryl Bem who has proven research on this subject.  Or look at Sages and Scientist on youtube for their wealth of information.  Here are the links:

Bonne chance et good luck! 🙂


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