Paige Maddison

I wanted to thank all of the readers of my blog and facebook pages for your genuine support and words of encouragement.  I truly appreciate it!  One of the main reasons why I started writing is to help people and especially teens to share a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.  The trilogy was originally intended for teens to help them understand the many layers to the world, but many adult readers have found it intriguing as evident by the reviews on and comments on this site.  I’ve had many readers ask ‘how can I contribute to your cause’ and my response is:  buy my first ebook and this helps to keep me motivated to write more books but also to contribute to my blog.  Presently, I am writing the second installment in this trilogy and am sad to say, I will not be able to blog as much but please keep looking as I will try to post 1-2 times per week.  In the meantime, I hope I’ve left an impression to be open-minded about this wonderful universe we live in and perhaps it’s helped a bit in your lives.  And on that last note, I will leave you with this.  Have you seen William Shatner’s documentary called ‘The Captains’? (recently released on DVD)  I’m sure most of you may know him as Star Trek’s original Captain James T. Kirk.  I grew up with this series and of course it touched on varying facets of the universe.  If you are indeed interested in how the universe works and about spirits and the afterlife make sure you watch it to the very end of this intriguing true life tale put together by Shatner.  BTW he also attended McGill University, as our son does, and he is a proud Canadian!  Thank you! Lee

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