November Love

As I look out my window to write this post, snow covers our backyard … beautiful, crisp, snow. It’s October 27th and many

As I wrote this post, it snowed! My, my. Seems early.

As I wrote this post, it snowed! My, my. Seems early.

neighbouring communities have experienced their first snowfall already. My task today is a post for a special person who declared to me, “I hate November! It’s gloomy, nothing much happens, and walking outside is no longer fun. It’s too cold and unpredictable.”
After listening to why my friend, Debra, doesn’t like November, I chuckled, happy to hear her honest opinion, and replied, “I love November!” I promised her I would write a post on my top ten reasons why we can all love November:

1/ November 1st is All Saints’ Day. We don’t have to be religious to observe this tradition, and it is a positive note to begin the month of November. It is a day to remember all the Saints who dedicated their lives for us to make the world a better place. It is the fundamental belief that there is a prayerful spiritual bond between those in heaven and the living.

2/  November 2nd is All Souls’ Day and on this special day, we celebrate our dearly departed loved ones. Anyone who misses their family or friends that are deceased, can pray and speak to them, wishing them well in their journey and give thanks for all they did to make our lives extra special.

3/ November is the month, the quiet, longed-for month, after the hectic, busy spring, summer, fall months. It is the lull

Our manager, my husband, Kevin at Chapters Barrie book signing

Our manager, my husband, Kevin at Chapters Barrie book signing … reading 🙂

between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where we can catch our breath. We can slow down, and do what is needed to fulfill our souls. Whether it’s writing – think of #NaNoWriMo2016, reading, listening more to uplifting music, or redecorating indoors.

4/ As social engagements, outdoor fun, and yard work slows down, it is the month where you can turn your attention to something you’d like to do, such as a hobby.

5/  I love to plan for Christmas! And yes, I begin in November. My husband and I sort out our Christmas decorations, put up the cheery Christmas outdoor lights, and start to display a few favourite decorations indoors.

See the small red tree in the background? It is the first decoration to be displayed.

See the small red tree in the background? It is the first decoration to be displayed.

We love our small, red Christmas tree adorned with decorative bulbs! Always turned on nightly with its beauty filling the room.

6/ Social engagements in the better weather months often include a bit more food and drink than usual. We can minimize this in November to get ready for the upcoming, and fast-approaching Christmas holiday season. Thank goodness! It’s time to work off the extra calories from the summer! Construct a new work-out schedule and stick to it! One of my favourite things to do is hula-hoop. It is so much fun! Play some funky music too. And ski season begins!!

My sanity saver in the colder weather.

My sanity saver in the colder weather.

7/ We can ‘busy’ ourselves so much, that we forget to sit in silence, meditate, and obtain a perspective on where our lives are headed. Never be afraid to sit alone, and listen to the wind howling around your house. The wind gives us a positive energy that is invigorating, and makes you feel good. Set goals for yourself to be completed over the winter months. Have a purpose 🙂

8/ In my career, it’s when I plan for the next year. Yes, it’s the only month where it’s so quiet on the calendar, that it enables business meetings, author book signings, or interviews to be booked.

9/ Mostly, November is known as Movember in Canada and around the world. This is near and dear to our hearts raising funds for men’s health from prostate cancer to mental health. It’s also Crohn’s and Colitis awareness month, Osteoporosis Month and National Child Day. Perhaps help to raise monies and participate with many who are trying to make our world a better place.

10/ And if November is just too quiet for you, it’s known for many arts festivals, craft festivals, film festivals, festival of lights celebrations, Christmas gift shows, Santa Claus parades,  and more. There’s a myriad of ways to celebrate in our communities with our families and friends:

Orillia Events    Simcoe Events    Ontario, Canada, Events

The Top 10 Events Happening This November

#sharethelove in November. Look for the days when the sunrise is so spectacular you skip a breath, or the sunlight glistens on the dewy ground or snow-covered valleys, or the sunset radiates across the sky, and later the full moon and stars shimmer against the backdrop of the pitch-black night. Let’s learn to love November because simply put … it makes you feel better. There’s something for everyone! Just click on events in November and you’ll see for yourself. Or you can curl up and read a good book! Enjoy it everyone! I hope this list makes you smile Debra. 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom! We love November. Happy Birthday to all of the November babies. It's a month that shines brightly with the stars highlighted in the sky.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love November 🙂 Happy Birthday to all of the November babies. It’s a month that shines brightly with the stars highlighted in the sky.

This post is also dedicated to my Mom and birthday partner, Janie Bice. Her birthday was November 19th and I was born on November 20th. We celebrated as many birthdays as we could together. May you Forever RIP, Mom. I hold you in my heart and celebrate for both of us each year. xo



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