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5.0 out of 5 stars Wake Me Up Inside……….it’s a must read!!, August 19, 2013
By Jay
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This review is from: Wake Me Up Inside (Kindle Edition)

An excellent thriller centered around the curious Paige Maddison who is in her teens is certain to keep you interested till the very end. I’ve just finished reading it…was such a delightful read, I could not wait to get into it each day. I loved the author Lee Bice Matheson’s writing as it was engaging and enjoyable, fast paced yet descriptive enough to evoke vivid mental images of all the main characters. The characters are complex and original. I would definately recommend it to all. The further I read into the story, the more I was intrigued to find out how it would all pan out. I would certainly read more of Lee Bice Matheson’s books in future…it’s a must read!!  Thank you kindly, Jay!  Authors need feedback on their work whether positive or negative. I truly appreciate your review.

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