Life on Paradise Island

Timeless flight.

What a beautiful Island to celebrate our son Justin’s 21st birthday!  On our first day we met Latoya, a wonderful soul.  She was our waitress and the first words spoken from her were: “Welcome to Paradise Island.  Enjoy yourself.  No one is watching you!” She repeated it over and over again.  We do not need much encouragement to enjoy ourselves but after a rather haphazard start to our trip (our passports were expired on the Friday before we left on the Monday – no worries we obtained new ones before we left) it was a warm welcome.  Getting up at 4 am is not our thing.  I do not mind 6 am but 4?  However, to fly to the Bahamas and be in our hotel room by 3 pm, it seemed logical.  The culinary skills of the Chefs in the main restaurant was beyond belief.  Each day there were many local specialties from conch, grouper to lamb and herbed chicken.  Believe it or not, the chicken was to die for.  We ate in the preferred Japanese restaurant one night and the teryaki chicken was out of this world.  The sushi was succulent and the creme brule dessert beyond words.  It is the first holiday that I have ever gained weight as I always watch my intake of food and beverages.  However, our son’s 21st comes once and I decided to go with the flow.  We met couples from Armenia, Los Angeles, Spain, Palm Island and many other exciting places.  Conversations were lively and everyone had good old fun.  We wanted to thank the staff of the Riu for all they did for us on our stay.  This post is for you 🙂 Our room was beautiful and situated close to the oceanfront.  That was a gift to Justin from the staff.  Our balcony housed three chairs and a table – enough room to eat breakfast or enjoy the parasailors flying by.  There was a good energy in the hotel.  The decorations are more traditional Bahamian style and we loved it!  We enjoyed the exquisite pool and white sand beach as waves crashed into the shore.  The laughing gulls were aplenty providing entertainment and if you wanted daily exercise there were aerobic classes or a gym.  However, we opted for walking along the beach and touring the Atlantis.  My husband and I stayed there 23 years ago when it was Merv Griffin’s Casino & Resort and we flew into the Paradise Island airport (which is no longer) called the Merv Griffin airport.  There are remnants at the Atlantis from our previous stay in the Coral and Beach towers – the older part of the hotel.  But the aquariums are on a much grander scale with sharks, stingrays, dolphins, sea turtles and more.  Life on the islands is a great place to let your imagination go, especially if you are a writer.  Poor Paige Maddison.  She has many battles left to fight but it will be worth the wait to read it. 🙂 Thank you to those individuals who have faith in Paige Maddison and send me direct messages on facebook or on my email to express your kind words regarding her story.

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