Hot off the Press: JR Colombo, Canada’s Master Gatherer, writes Lee Bice-Matheson about Destiny’s Gate

I read Destiny’s Gate again and I would like to congratulate the two of you for writing one page in particular. Writers in their guise of readers often go haywire over prose that shows both inspiration and restraint and that leaves behind the suggestion of considerable achievement and maturity as well as future promise. The perfect balance is attained on page 267, Chapter 35: Epiphany. You reach this peak elsewhere, too, of course, but this is one page that left me feeling “Wow!” Smooth ….  JR  Colombo 05/01/15

Thank you JR Colombo from both J.R. and I. We are thrilled and honoured to hear this. You have been my mentor for many years and biggest supporter. Our son, J.R., and I thank you for your kindness and generosity. Happy & Healthy, 2015, to you and your lovely wife, Ruth, our dear friends.


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