Have You Seen Your Guardian Angel?

I have lived a lifetime believing in the power of God, our Heavenly Father, and our collective Universal Intelligence, and our Angels…Guardian Angels to be specific, who guide us along our ‘rightful’ path. That is, if we slow down and listen to them. Have you ever had an urge to change a decision in a split second? For instance, driving along a road that has two possible choices for you to take to arrive at your final destination and you suddenly veer off to the right, or left, without thinking? This is a good sign that your Guardian Angel is looking out for you. (We write about this type of event in Destiny’s Gate.) Later, while listening to the news, they announce a major 12-car pile-up on the road you DID NOT take. And probably wipe a bit of sweat from your brow while simultaneously feeling very sorry for those who ended up in this tragedy. Being Divinely Inspired is available to every one of us. No one is better than another in the spiritual world, but some are just more enlightened than the rest of us. We all have our personal journey we are on and we’re at different stages in our evolvement. And that’s okay!

One day, while driving home from Florida with my husband Kevin, I was urged to suddenly ask him to stop the car. In fact, I yelled, “Stop the car now!” Kevin being the good man he is, did not question this at all. He slammed on the brakes. It was late at night, pitch-black, no other cars on the road, in the Virginian Appalachian Mountains. I was asked (yes, I heard the voice ask me) to step out of the car and look at all of the angels. We were situated on the shoulder of a mountain and there was a deep valley below filled with trees. There were no houses in sight, no street lights at all. Just us and the darkness of the night. It was also a full moon that was hidden behind clouds and sometimes revealed itself. I squinted my eyes and saw nothing. I responded with my internal voice, “Really, there are angels here?” And I heard, “Wait, you’ll see them.” So I relaxed and waited a few seconds. Suddenly, I began to see white, sparkly lights…quite small at first. Then I saw hundreds of them, sparkling so brightly over the valley below. I felt their happiness and the pureness of their energies. I was a bit overwhelmed, stunned and elated. However, I had always wanted to see my Guardian Angel. I quickly pulled my cellphone out of my pocket for the purpose of snapping pics of the sparkling angels but instead, turned sharply to my right and there…hovering over my shoulder was my Guardian Angel, about 5 feet in length, maybe longer, dense white light, but with the camera lense on her, she bunched up to the size pictured in this photo. (Angels really aren’t a he or a she but I’ll use she for the purposes of this narrative.) I began to snap several photos.

My Guardian Angel. Photo copyrighted to Lee Bice-Matheson

My Guardian Angel. Photo copyrighted.  Lee Bice-Matheson


My Guardian Angel did not want me to take her picture, and I was indeed scolded for it. I did it without forethought! In fact, I did it intuitively knowing it was my chance to see who was guiding me on this particular night, the one who has guided me since I was a young child. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here at this age in my life as I’ve been plagued with many severe illnesses, one of which I’ve had a NDE. She guides me on rightful eating, on my health, when I’m sick…what to take, what not to take. In fact, one day, I was urged to visit my dentist at the end of our workday. When I arrived, I was told he had gone home but the dental hygienist would see me. I told her I had an infection in my tooth and she obligingly took an xray. I was then booked to see the dentist in the morning. When I returned, the dentist looked at me and said, “How in the world did you know you have a tooth infection? It hadn’t even begun to blow up, yet?” I smiled and responded, “Oh, I just knew.” I can thank my Guardian Angel for the warning and I was told it would have been a nasty infection. She also helps me to be the best I can be living from a place of love with compassion and generosity of spirit, and is probably the one who won’t let me stop writing the Paige Maddison Series. I am grateful for God for sanctioning my Guardian Angel. It was my time to see her, and one day, if you are ready, you may see yours. I was not allowed to publish this narrative until recently when she said, “It’s time.” From what I’ve been told, this is one of the most asked questions to God or the Universal Intelligence. “Do I have a Guardian Angel?” and “Is he/she looking out for me?” The photo of my Guardian Angel was taken April 10, 2012. And I’m wondering why I am now allowed to reveal her? Wait and we shall see. Written July 9th, 9:30 am. In the wee hours of the morning, July 10th, I heard the answer to my question, “Hope.” Please feel free to leave your comments and/or your narratives about meeting your Guardian Angel.

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