Happy Halloween!

It’s my favourite day of the year, outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I wanted to say enjoy the day!  I love the energy on Halloween with the excitement of the younger kids anticipating the candy they will get and what kind will it be and what will the other kids wear.  You gotta love it.  It is all about the kids.  And for the older teens who still go out, I love that too! You’re never too old to want to relive a part of your childhood.  And on this day I wanted to thank all of the readers who respond to my posts.  I came home from Montreal last night and had an overwhelming number of comments on my posts congratulating me on my blog and how many of you continue to read it regularly.  I write from the heart about what I am interested in and so many of you have moved me to tears on your responses.  THANK YOU! I do get asked quite often ‘what do you do when someone takes and uses your posts on their blog’.  Nothing.  I figure if people want to ‘borrow’ from my website, at least they are spreading the word around.  I take it as a compliment and know the content originated with me.  I only write original posts from my research, readings, or on my thoughts.  Thank you for sharing.  Enjoy Halloween!

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