I would like to thank, once again, Jesse Barton from Divine Designs, Orillia, for repairing my ‘hacked’ website.  Not sure why this is happening to so many people, and so often, but there are skilled professionals to help solve the problem!  You know, the good guys!  I have a backlog of over 100 comments and as I sit and read them, tears come to my eyes.  So many people have had similar situations, experiences, and want to spread the love and compassion around the world, as I do.  Do I share my experiences to get sympathy. NOT!  I share in order to start a conversation, especially for those individuals who remain stuck.  We have to pick ourselves up and move on, but not without our cherished memories.  I write about ghosts and spirits as a way of honouring those whom I love, who have passed away.  I hope this website helps those of you who are in need of some compassion, understanding, and love to carry on.  Onwards and upwards.  It’s time I got back to writing Book Two instead of all of the frivolity I’ve enjoyed in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you for stopping by and sharing your feedback.  Best of luck, to all. 🙂

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