Gratefulness from the Writing Life in Every Day Living

It’s a tough road being a writer. To have your voice heard amidst the millions of books published annually is a tall order. And yet, my first novella, Wake Me Up Inside, still continues to sell modestly after the initial surge from my book release a year ago. We live a modest life style, lucky to own an old boat, roof over our heads, car in the drive. I feel honestly blessed, especially to be married to my best friend, Kevin, a wonderfully kind, generous, supportive, empathetic soul. We have one terrific son Justin who is especially gifted and back at McGill University in 4th year. He is kind, compassionate and cares about the state of the world. He is also very insightful.  In fact, JR Matheson has recently agreed to co-author book two in the Paige Maddison Series (aka our son).  And we have many wonderful extended family members that love and support us; my two sisters, nieces & nephews,a couple of brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws,

Mom & Son set out on new venture as co-authors in Book Two in Paige Maddison Series Whoo hooo!

Mom & Son set out on new venture as co-authors in Book Two in Paige Maddison Series Whoo hooo!

especially. Also many cousins, aunts, uncles, friends… Through-out the years, after the loss of our parents, we all continue to be very connected. My thoughts on life as an author – it is a privilege and an honour to be able to write a book that captures the reader’s imagination. It gives me pure joy. And thrilling when a reader takes the time to either review it or email me that they loved it. We all contribute to the positive energy in this world by our passions whether it’s an authored book, a song written and performed, a comedian making the world laugh, or on a more personal level by helping a neighbour in their time of need, or volunteering in a homeless shelter. I, for one, will never stop believing in the goodness of humankind and our potential to evolve together as a more conscious community. All for One and One for All.  I cannot wait until the loyal followers of Paige Maddison read book two in the series. It should be released by next Spring. Life is fantastic. Creating a fantasy is the best feeling in the world and if it makes a reader laugh, smile, cry or afraid, I’ve done my job. I hope the Paige Maddison Series has readers looking at their own beliefs and asking the hard questions about life. Happy back to school to all and for those of us who work for a living or are retired, enjoy the great outdoors. Contribute to the positivity in the world and you too will be joyful and peaceful. Best to all. Lee

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