Ghostly Matters

As an author, working on my second installment in the Paige Maddison trilogy, I thought I would give a preview of what’s in store for the readers:

Strolling absent-mindedly along the pebbled path I was not conscious of where I was going until I looked up to the second storey window of the guest house and saw a figure staring down, watching me.  Assuming it was Dexter, I ran in through the double wooden doors and called his name.  Desperately needing to speak to him I continued down the hallway to the stairs and as I climbed them, I walked through a freezing cold wall.  Sensing I was in trouble, I quickly repeated the protection prayer whispering it to myself  as fast as I could.  When I reached the top stair, there at the end of the hallway stood a long-legged man in a black robe and wide brimmed hat.  He had the most piercing yellow-green eyes and was visibly shocked when he noticed I could see him.  His eyes widened.  I felt immediately nauseated like someone had just punched me in the gut and realized I was in the wrong  place at the wrong time.  As if in slow-motion, he raised his wickedly skinny right arm and pointed one long, crooked finger at me.  Initially,  I could not determine if he was threatening me or telling me to leave.  However, that line of thinking quickly dissipated as he started to move towards me as if on an escalator.  Paralyzed with fear and conscious it was beyond my control, I could not swallow or breathe. As he slowly moved past me, I was unable to turn my head to see where he had disappeared to.  When it was over, I collapsed onto the stairs clammy and shakey.  Perhaps Hanna and Grandpa’s fears were real on devil’s night?

Feedback is always appreciated!  Thank you. 🙂



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  1. Can you say goosebumps!?! Having learned so much more about what you have been living and dealing with, I am going to be reading this book, with a whole different perspective!!

  2. Lyn Shoniker says:

    It’s about time you published a “teaser” for the next edition. Now, stay off all these sites and get to writing…………………..James Patterson is only ahead of you by 1 book!

  3. Thank you for the words of encouragement, Lyn! Much appreciated. I am writing as fast as I can… and dancing too….

  4. Lee Anne

    I am excited!. Nice teaser. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  5. Thank you, Nikki! 🙂

  6. Amado Carithers says:

    I was reading through some of your blog posts on this site and I think this site is real informative! Continue posting.

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  9. Is it ok if I use part of your article in an article I am writing? I will credit you and link back to your article.

  10. Please email me at and let me know which part you wanted to use. Thank you!

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