Ghostly Gatherings at the Orillia Opera House

We did it!  We survived a night in the ‘haunted’ Orillia Opera House on Halloween.  Thank you Terri Rossiter from the Opera House for the great tour!  We made our way through the theatres and back stage down to the basement where the old jail cells were and the famous elevator where the poor chap fell to his death on a Friday night and was not found until Monday morning.  I said a little prayer for him, though it seemed a little late.  There was one spot where I felt like running from the room as my skin crawled and that is where the main jail cells were in a rectangular room.  Ugh!  Photos are available on  Orillia Youth Centre staff Todd and Lindsay and volunteers did a great job overseeing the night and gathering the kids to come on out.  Thank you to all of the teens who came out on a rainy/snowy night for this event.  Without you, we wouldn’t have had it, nor had such a great time on Halloween.  Georgian College recreational students, post-graduate, organized all of the games and prizes – big job and well done by all.  Thank you so much!  Brewery Bay provided the sumptuous food from coconut shrimp and egg rolls to chicken wings and much more.  Awesome and thank you from all of us.  Apple Annie’s provided the fudge bags and Shoppers Drug Mart (Front St) provided the candy bags.  Thank you so much.  And Kiwanis of Orillia bought Wake Me Up Inside for each teen!  I had teens approach me after my ‘reading’ from the book and ask ‘when will I get the copy?’  They were eager and made me feel happy about writing it. 🙂  Thank you Kiwanis for donating it.  Adam Dagenais and his girlfriend, Brittany, joined us for the ‘haunted’ tour.  Thank you Adam for designing the poster for this event, but he also designed my book cover!  And I would really like to thank my husband, Dr Kevin, who always supports me in my new career and helped to sponsor this event with me.  🙂

Ghostly Gatherings was a success as each teen thanked us and said they enjoyed it through-out the night. Fantastic group of kids.

Thank you to all of the kids who turned out and made it such a special night for us all to be a part of.  We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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