Famous Lasting Words

A friend gave me a copy of John Robert Colombo’s book of Canadian quotations, Famous Lasting Words.  I am so upset because I’m supposed to be writing and I never read anyone’s books during this process.  But I cannot stop reading this awesome book of Canadian quotes and additional observations made by non-Canadians about life in this country.  It’s actually addicting.  What a genius, Mr Colombo is!  He has a topic, for example Belief, and then famous quotes such as Goldwin Smith who said ‘Agnosticism is right, if it is a counsel of honesty, but ought not to be heard if it is a counsel of despair’, c1897.  Or, Albert Einstein’s quote – ‘Tell the students of the University of Toronto from me, simple, but perhaps helpful to some, I say to them:  Be above mere authority in matters of the mind; they must, in the last analysis, follow their own judgment – their own feeling of truth.  I tell those students this – they must profess no belief without conviction.  To conform, means often death; to non-conform – in this is often life, often life eternal’, c1934.   You’ve got to buy a copy and keep it close by to read and feel connected to learn about our wonderful Canadian history, politics,  personalities, traditions, and country! I love it!  Thank you to my friend. 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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