Book Cover Design

The key to a great book cover design is the graphic designer and their skills.  The author must succinctly communicate the key points included in the body of the text and in order to do this one must have a great working relationship with the other plus the capability of explaining concepts literally so the graphic designer can abstractly imagine them and then produce a literal book cover.  It’s an exchange of ideas and concepts that each professional takes to the next level until one day the book cover is complete and both parties look at it in awe!  To me, as an author, the cover is just as important as the content! Thank you Adam Dagenais of Effigy Design for doing it again for Book Two in the Paige Maddison series.  It looks fantastic!  I am working on completion of book two so the rest of the world can view your artistic talent within this year.  Adam, You’ve Got Talent!

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