Asthma Control

For those of you who have read my narratives in The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings, John Robert Colombo, author & anthologist, c2009, named Two Experiences, you will know at the time of my parents’ deaths (nine months apart), I too, was quite ill.  Watching them slip away, I decided not to pursue treatment at the time in order to be there for them whenever I could.  After they died, I waited for another four months, still grieving of course, and then decided to visit Dr Xiu-Min Li, at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital in New York city.  While conducting several tests in my initial consultation, Dr Li announced I was sicker with more than my asthma.  I responded by saying that I knew that, but please don’t tell me with what  – I did not want a label on it.  Dr Li respected my wishes and started me on a course of Chinese Herbal Medicines, four years ago this November.  Dr Li has kept in touch with me by emails, and telephone calls and when I’m really sick she responds immediately.  How innovative, is she?  Dr Li is working on a patent for these herbal medicines that would negate putting children on steroids for their asthma.  As soon as I heard that in my initial interview, I said SIGN ME UP!  Yesterday, I visited my local Medical Doctor and we discussed my last lung function test.  It showed that the steroids could actually be working against me now and were no longer necessary.  THIS IS BIG NEWS!  I called Dr Li and she squealed and said what a reward for her work and a big reward for mine!  We laughed together and then I politely ended the call as she is very busy.  Now, she is working towards a chinese herbal medicine remedy for peanut allergies in children.  Dr Li is one of those rare people that has dedicated her life to helping the conditions of others.  She is a modern day hero.  It will take me one year to work on my goal of weaning off the steriod, and very carefully so.  Dr Li will be there for me and has helped me to achieve my goal of being steriod free, but more than that, it’s about helping to prove that Chinese Herbal Medicines work!  Imagine what this will mean for children in their diagnosis of asthma which is so prevalent now.  In this day and age of health care, it is important to do your research, ask the questions, and once a chosen course of treatment is decided upon, have faith!  I did, even though it was hard on many loving and supportive family and friends to watch me go through the process.  My love to you all!  Today, my blood tests came back and I am healthier than I have been in years!  In fact I was told, most physicians’ offices call with bad news!  My results made them feel good as they passed on this fantastic news!  Thank you to this local Physician and his health care team for supporting my goals.  Dr Li, thank you so much for your vigilance in the efforts to treat asthma and allergies with natural Chinese herbs ruling out the use of steroids that cause many harmful side effects.  Work towards your healthiest:  mind, body and soul. 🙂

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