#15 first day of sales #Ghost eBooks on iTunes: Destiny’s Gate is welcomed by the world of readers!

Thank you so very much for the welcome reception of Destiny’s Gate, the second book in the Paige Maddison Series. J.R. and I are ecstatic to see this response. First day of sales it hit #15 top paid eBooks on iTunes?! A month later it’s #23 as tracked by App Annie who tracks over 2 million eBooks.  This is fantastic news. What shocked J.R. and I most? The first book in the series hit #14 top paid eBooks, two weeks ago, and is now at #36. Well, Paige Maddison is happy to know that she is a welcome figure in the world of the readers.

We have been grateful for all of the support from many bloggers, such as Lillian Brummet’s Conscious Blog Discussions, to the Urban Paranormal Book Blog who hosted our contest, and Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews on the Paranormal. Thank you for allowing us to share information about Destiny’s Gate.

Isn’t it great Goodreads allow authors to run Giveaways on their site? We have two going: one for Canadians and the other for Americans. Don’t worry, more contests in many other countries will follow.

Many thanks to CK Webb and DJ Weaver for having me on their BlogTalkRadio Reading Room show!! There was a very warm and happy welcome from these two authors of the Innocents Series. I cannot wait for the release of their third book!! In fact, we had so much fun, they asked me back with J.R. Let’s hope the stars align and this will happen. It’s hard to catch J.R. while at McGill finishing his fourth year.

We are also looking forward to Saturday, September 20th at The Book Keeper. J.R. and I will return home for our first ever joint book signing. What a dream come true for a Mom with her son. Our family is grateful for this opportunity, once again.

There are so many more events coming up and I will add to this blog post over time with full details. For today, I have happy tears for all of the success Destiny’s Gate is experiencing.  J.R. and I are over the moon. Thank you kindly to all of the supporters of Paige Maddison and the authors.

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