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Now this is why an author goes to the trouble to write novels!  I have had many reviews written and forwarded to me but this one touches my heart!  The winner of the ‘What Are You Thankful For’ contest, Therese Ann Montebon, from the Philippines, read Wake Me Up Inside and wrote: The book was awesome . I can really understand it unlike others that I’ve read before . It really scared me. I’m imagining things especially how you described Conall!  Can’t wait for it’s next book . (continuation of it ).   Thanks a lot for the book . I’m starting to like ghost/horror stories. You have a wonderful start, for a first time writer like you. Thank you Therese Ann and I am so happy you enjoyed Paige Maddison’s journey!   From a writer’s point of view, it can take years to write one book and the most important gift you can give an author, is to review the book, especially if you liked it.  I love to hear from the readers of Wake Me Up Inside, anytime and I am asking you to also go online and review it on google,, kobo books, amazon, or any online venue you bought my book from.  Thank you so much to all who have done so already.  I truly appreciate it. 🙂 Book Two in the Paige Maddison series is almost finished and it has been an arduous, blood, sweat and tears experience – sometimes I’ve had to stop writing it because it scares even me!  But it will shock the readers, I guarantee it.  🙂 Thank you for the Paige Maddison believers!  Without you, I wouldn’t have the passion to continue Paige’s journey. I am lucky to have so many fans, already, in my short career and thank each and every one of you!


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