In-Store Author Book Signing at Chapters Square One

What a book signing at Chapters Square One on Saturday, May 6th. It started off with a bang when a dear friend of mine arrived to kick off our event. Thank you Karen for stopping in and also for picking up a copy of Shine Your Light. It was so great to see you in person. We had a Toronto teacher/librarian drop by our table. She was so excited to hear we write about ’empowerment’ ‘girl power’ and overall ‘self-empowerment for tweens/teens.’ She bought the complete Paige Maddison Series for her school and stated, “We had 1 bookshelf in our library for tweens and middle grade readers. We took … off the shelf … every book about princesses, objectifying girls, and we were left with NOTHING on the shelf. She said we made her day that Paige Maddison is all about self empowerment. We also had the same reaction from a Toronto Teacher visiting us at Indigo Erin Mills. She, too, bought the complete series. We hope your students enjoy the Paige Maddison Series! Thank you so much for your passion and enthusiasm.
We feel honoured that so many readers dropped by our table. Over the course of 5 hours, we had many intriguing conversations. Since we sell to tweens, I am no longer posting their pictures to protect their privacy. At our last book signing, the readers’ photos posted were approved.
I am always touched when someone runs into the bookstore to buy a copy of our series and leaves waving goodbye. This has happened at the last 3 book signings. Thank you so much to the Chapters / Indigo bookstores for marketing our events. We feel your support is behind our success at the instore author signings.
I also had the opportunity to meet an author named Manjit Singh. She coauthored ‘Walking Through’ with 4 authors. It is non-fiction and looks to be an intriguing collection of short stories. Their book signing at Chapters Square One will be on June 3rd. Please watch for Manjit. She’s going places and a delight to talk to, as is her supportive husband.
Thank you so much to the welcoming staff from Theresa, Mira, Magda, Nakita, to Kav, and many more. It warmed my heart to see their enthusiasm for the Paige Maddison Series. Thank you again to all who stopped by, picked up copies, and made our visit to Chapters Square One a pleasure.

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