Successful Book Launch

On the other side of The Book Keeper book launch/signing, I wanted to express my gratitude for all parties involved from Susan Chamberlain, owner of The Book Keeper, and her wonderful staff, to my sisters Lynn and Cindy for the catering of the event, and to all of the lovely people who came out to support me and the fans of Paige Maddison’s, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was well attended!  My husband, Kevin, counted just shy of 100.  Thank you Kevin and to our son, Justin, for all of your support, each and every day.  Paige seems to be gaining fans and readership so let’s keep it going.  Wake Me Up Inside is sold at The Book Keeper, Sarnia, ON and now at Manticore Books in Orillia, ON.  Fantastic!  It is also online at Barnes and Noble and many other sites.  It will soon be on Kobo!  🙂  This author is happy and peaceful. 🙂

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