Sages and Scientists

Look out world – psychic, spirituality and science have finally come out of the closet! hosted by none other than Deepak Choprah with a panel of leading scientists from around the globe.  If you haven’t heard of this important symposium held in February you will soon on Youtube.  It’s a ‘must watch’ series of science explaining consciousness.  Fascinating stuff! Expand your mind and your world.  Watch for it…. Lee

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  1. I agree! Fantastic presentation hosted by Deepak. I especially liked the concept of ‘biocentricism’. Maybe we (life) came before the earth itself. Matter forms and changes because we observe it. Think about it!

  2. Lee Bice-Matheson says:

    Aah, my most avid reader and fan. Thank you for your comments on Sages. Biocentricism gives us all a lot to think about. You are so right. Lee

  3. Grazi for makng it nice and EZ.

  4. God, I feel like I should be taking notes! Great work!

  5. A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.

  6. Lee Bice-Matheson says:

    And that makes me sad to hear that. I understand what you are saying and I disagree with paying for information that is enlightening and should be pondered and discussed among people. Lee

  7. Well said, I could not agree more with you on this issue. I think your blog is very popular on this topic judging by all the other comments posted to it. I just wanted to leave a comment to appreciate your hard work.

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