Review of The Dead Room by author & film maker Philip Henry

Philip Henry is the author of eight Irish horror novels and film maker recently working on Noirland. His eighth novel, The Dead Room, is a must read!  It is a haunted tale about a couple who buy an old country mansion – hopeful it will be their nest egg. Once renovated and remodelled surely the soothsayers, psychics, and ghost hunters will come and pay good money to search for the truth. Is there life after death? Do ghosts really exist and can they be caught on tape? I could not put this book down! It is an intriguing tale of a TV producer, Emma, and her journey with her questionable past that motivates her to help the newly married couple achieve their dreams. Emma arrives at the Bridge House aka Arcane Manor later joined by her crew. They live in the house for one week to uncover the truth of this ghostly mansion. Little did she know what awaits…

The Dead Room captivates the reader and makes you keep coming back to finish until the end. Henry has a unique writing style and carves out his characters with great attention to detail and passion. It’s amazing how this author writes tender scenes and relays the emotions of the female characters so eloquently. It truly is a touching story as well as a fascinating paranormal novel. Psychic, mediumship, paranormal, intrigue, love, loss, fear, anger, violence, happiness all in one book. I gave it 5 stars. Well Done, Philip Henry!

by author & film maker Philip Henry

by author & film maker Philip Henry

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