Readers Write: Lee Bice-Matheson Tells Us How She Started Writing on OPEN BOOK: ONTARIO

For me, as a genre author, to be included on Open Book: Ontario  which has the latest news and events concerning literary authors is AMAZING.  Did I say AMAZING?  It’s over the moon for me!  Never did I think my novella entitled Wake Me Up Inside would go so far.  But it’s from the help of the people who I have networked with.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my mentor.  The famous Mr John Robert Colombo, Canada’s Mr Mystery, or the Master Gatherer, who has published over 130 non-fiction, serious books covering Canada’s culture, history and geography.  He also writes poetry and has compiled anthologies on Canada’s ‘ghostly‘ history, compiled famous books of quotations, and the list goes on and on.  Very impressive, I might add!

One of my first stories was a tale of my father, after he died.  I had an experience, as they say.  Lucky for me, Mr Colombo was looking for stories like mine.  If I may relay how we met:  I contacted John Robert Colombo by email asking if he was collecting ghost stories.  A most courteous response was received and ‘Indeed’ .  I emailed the first story named Paranormal Dad and the return email was again outstanding!  Not only was Mr Colombo going to publish my story, but he asked, “Do you have some more?”  Well, after jumping up and down for about an hour, I quickly responded, “I sure do.”  Running up to my computer, heart beating a mile a minute, I pounded out a similar experience from when my mom died – lucky for me I kept notes on it – named A Spiritual Bond.  I sent the second story back and JRC announced “I’ve stopped the presses as they say, (literally) and your stories named Two Experiences are the ending of my anthology The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings.”  Well, I don’t think I remember a conversation said to me until he again announced, ‘A copy is in the mail’.

Thank you so much, John Robert Colombo for your generosity, kindness, and welcome to the world of publishing.  Once my stories were in print I thought ‘Wow, this is great’.  And from there I proceeded to write my novella.  The details of this process are found on Open Book: Ontario and through-out this website.  I cannot thank John Robert Colombo enough as my life has changed since the publication of Two Experiences and the day Wake Me Up Inside was self-published in print (July 2012).  An author always has mentors, fellow authors, colleagues and publishing contacts to thank but I’d like to highlight John Robert Colombo for his zest for life and helping others.  JRC reviewed my book, too!  And I would like to say how grateful I am for meeting John Robert Colombo’s lovely wife, Ruth, an awesomely talented poet – I thank you for your kindness and friendship.  Also, for the poem dedicated to my husband, Kevin, the chiropractor, named The Spine.  Without your support, my first reading at the Orillia Public Library (thank you librarian Melissa for hosting me!)  would have been a flop.

Here is the link to my latest author post: Open Book: Ontario.  Also, special thanks to Clelia for accepting my story (and Megan for uploading it) and responding to my request on linkedin ‘Help a first time novelist’.  To have my story and book included in the literary scene of Ontario is amazing.  Though I am a self-published genre writer, it is wonderful that you have opened up your hearts to this ‘ghost story’ author along with award winning literary novelists.  Thank you so much.  What’s next?  Stay tuned…. there is more coming.

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