Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My! Latest review of Destiny’s Gate

As an author, it is highly advisable to find your toughest reviewer and send them your galley (final copy of the novel before it goes to print) and ask them to read and review it. It is not my intention to release a book that readers will find unenjoyable, not grammatically correct, or just dull and boring. So, this being said, I found my critic from the first book I released called Wake Me Up Inside. This is what she wrote about Destiny’s Gate, soon to be released in September, 2014:

Well I must say that your new book kept me well entertained on the cold and rainy days at the cottage, thank you! Another winner on your hands and I am sure that this one will far out pace your original book. I actually took up a James Patterson with me BUT didn’t open it; that’s a first so you know that your book was better than “good.” Congratulations, here’s hoping your readers can sleep at night! L.S.

J.R. and I thank you, thank you for this wonderful, heartfelt review, L.S.

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