Human Frailty

As a writer, one must experience life in order to interpret situations within a frame of reference.  But sometimes life has a way of reminding us, again, just how precious life is. For those subscribers to my feed you may remember when our son was mugged in Montreal. It is a cosmopolitan city and probably that’s what our son and even us love about it.  However, in big cities there is always the chance of more violent crimes. We still love Montreal – it’s full of culture and history and wonderful people.  However, last Friday night as our son was out at a bar with friends, someone slipped a new street drug into his drink.  I cannot explain well enough the journey he had that night but he ended up in the hospital with cuts on his hands and face and a deep gash on his writing hand – bad enough to have stitches.  While he cannot remember anything after two drinks, it is pretty obvious it happened not long after he arrived at the bar.  This is a WARNING once again.  To all of the university and college students that feel they are invincible – think again.  Just for a moment, imagine not remembering the night at all, and waking up in a hospital with an IV drip and electrodes all over your body, not knowing what happened.  Our son survived the night but not without two hospital stays and is still in a lot of pain.  A gang tried out a new street drug and the doctors could not detect what it was.  Nice.  Never, ever, leave your drink unattended wherever you may be and if you do, ask for a new one.  It’s worth the extra cost!  We are forever grateful he has survived these two violent crimes! Always go out in a group of friends that you trust and never ever remain behind if they leave.

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