Happiness vs Haters

Is it really true?! There are some people that do not like nor understand happy people?  I could not believe the news tonight discussing how many facebook pages are making other people unhappy.  It really stopped me in my tracks and made me think, why? I, very naively, have believed that when someone is happy, we should be happy for them.  And when you are happy for someone else, it actually makes you feel positive and share in their happiness.  And to take it a step further, you actually feel good inside.  It’s only my opinion, but to me, there are two ways to choose to live life.  Happy or unhappy.  I choose to live happily no matter what happens.  I’ve almost died twice, suffered from bankruptcy in my family, lost many family members and have probably been judged for choosing to be happy.  A little piece of advice, if I may:  We are here on this earth for a blip in time so why choose to be a pain to everyone around you?  You are only hurting yourself in the process and when you enter the room and notice others are leaving, trust me, they are choosing not to be around the unhappy, jaded, or depressing person.  I choose to have a purpose in life, I choose to be happy, and I choose to make sure that people in my company do not suffer from my bad attitude.  How do I do this? Easy.  Firstly, everything that happens is NOT about me; secondly, I wake up each day and say aloud, ‘who do I get to help or make laugh today?; and thirdly, though it takes effort, to look at events and set-backs in a positive light – ie. what can I learn from this bad situation.  It’s worth the work!  I’d like to emphasize, every person has tough times, baggage, health problems, or relationship troubles sometime through-out their life.  Happy people choose to overcome their struggles and work until they find a solution possibly with the help from family and friends or professional help.  Thought for the week. 🙂

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  1. From one happy person to another, when you are a happy person, nothing is impossible. We are here on this plateau to experience life and to make the best of the life we have been given.
    I too am surprised at all the negative messages on FB. They have much to learn about life.
    Good thing there are people like you and I.

  2. Right on, Nikki! Thank you for your support, always! Have the Best Holiday Season yet! We are off….

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