Thank you to all of the loyal readers of Paige Maddison’s journey in the first book in a series, entitled Wake Me Up Inside.  It means a great deal to me for a first time author that readers have found my novella in the midst of the flood of ebooks this past year.  It just amazes me.  I also want to thank my sister Lynn, my editor,  who is in a joint venture with me on re-launching this ebook with a new editorial approach and re-design of the cover. Some of you may know that my sister Cindy did the original cover: a sketch of O’Brien Manor and the estate, and I love it!  It is with her blessing that I am co-designing a new cover but will have the estate sketch in each of the ebooks of Paige Maddison’s journeys.  In short, I am announcing this today so readers will STOP buying the ebook until it is relaunched in June of this year, 2012.  In the meantime, I am halfway through book two and am totally engrossed in it.  Many authors really just write to entertain themselves and hope someone will enjoy it too and maybe pass on a few helpful hints along the way. Happy Family Day fellow Ontarians! 🙂 We will be with our son on this long weekend celebrating family.

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