Ghosts in the House

I am in the midst of re-writing Book Two in the Paige Maddison series.  It’s been an extremely lively time creating Paige’s world and once in awhile I wonder if there are ghostly spirits hovering over my shoulder as I write.  Come on!  I write about ghosts. What did you expect?  This is the most energized time in the world of a writer.  It’s like entering a bubble wherein the O’Brien Estate can be seen and watch as Paige moves about battling against evil.  This book has taken a twist that readers will not see coming.  I promise to provide an entertaining sequel to Wake Me Up Inside that readers cannot put down.  I have had many fans of Paige Maddison say just that about the first book.  Word of warning – do not read alone or late at night.  You do not know who will be hovering over your shoulder. 🙂

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