Five Star Review of Wake Me Up Inside

The New Year is here and what a way to start out 2014! Another 5 star review of Wake Me Up Inside on goodreads. I am honoured and thrilled when I see this. Writers log many, many, hours of hard work to produce a book. My first novella took 2 1/2 years of writing to its final version. Book two will be released this year and we are so excited about it. My co-author, J.R. Matheson, is doing the final revisions and then off to the publisher.  On another note, I received a big surprise for Christmas from my niece. She sponsored a grey wolf through the World Wildlife Fund (  in my name. I was shocked as wolves are near and dear to my heart, and are a species at risk. Thank you so much, Katy! I am thrilled that you did this for me and most of all to help the wolves. I feel especially hopeful, positive and energized for 2014 and wish everyone happiness, great health and lots of love in your lives.

Christmas Present sponsoring the Grey Wolf species at risk.

Christmas Present sponsoring the Grey Wolf species at risk.

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