Conspiracy Theories

They say they’ve begun.  Did the present day instigators of this concept ever stop to think that perhaps the change that is about to occur in our world, could be a good one?  That at the end of something is always a new and refreshing beginning?  Perhaps, we will be more humane to one another, kind, compassionate.  Do I believe it’s going to be the end of the world on, what date are they saying, December 21st?  I hope not.  My husband and I will be married 22 years on 22/12/12.  We are planning a beautiful night away.  And I for one know that we will be.  Conspiracy theories start panic, fear, and can even destroy economies.  Do you want to live in fear for the remainder of 2012?  I sure don’t.  I plan on living life to the fullest, doing my best to help others and continue writing and publishing books.  What ever happened to ‘think positive’?  Why would we be buying into something eluded to by the Mayans, for instance, from so many years ago.  The earth is continually changing and we have control over how we interact with it.  Perhaps, finally, we are to become conservationists like it was suggested to be one with nature, and respect flora and fauna.  Now there’s a thought.  How about we do positive things to this good earth and to those around us.  Now there’s a philosophy to think about.  It’s only my opinion, but I refuse to buy into the negative energy circulating and spread light where I can. 🙂

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