It was our debut book signing at Chapters Brampton held on April 1st, 2017. What a wonderful store with many interesting book lovers, authors, and welcoming staff. We quickly set up our display and when I turned around to greet readers there stood two authors asking what it’s like to do book signings with Indigo/Chapters. I hope I helped to encourage and share information that will help you in your journeys. Next up was an interested writer who shared he’s putting his pen to paper writing his memoir. It was an interesting conversation with Gar. We wish you all the best in your new adventure. Then we met a dozen or so book lovers that were interested in our series. Discussing the Paige Maddison Series and what it’s all about is an honour and we’re always happy many readers are interested in our series. I explained that we write a supernatural series with a spiritual twist, not paranormal. It is the age-old tale of good vs evil and as one reviewer said, ‘You have a unique series here. You tell the tale from the good side and what they do with evil.” Thank you for that insightful observation. We sold many copies of our second novel, Destiny’s Gate, and Shine Your Light, our bestseller. Thank you to those who support Indie authors. We’re always grateful when you choose our series. Thank you Rob for setting us up, and Mike for making sure the afternoon went smoothly.A special thank you to Melanie for doing a Facebook post on our event and on Twitter.  We also really enjoyed our conversations with Karla, Joe,  and Thomas. You made our day. Thank you kindly. Next up, we’re excited to be coming to Indigo Erin Mills in Mississauga on Easter Saturday, 1 pm. They have already begun advertising us via social media, and in their awesome bookstore, and in the Starbucks, too. We really appreciate your support and both J.R. and I are happy to see you soon. Thank you again.

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