Thank you from the Author

I wanted to thank my loving husband, Kevin, for encouraging me to write and being so supportive during the process.  Many a dinner was made by Chef Kevin during the writing of my ebook.  But above all, I am grateful for the 20 wonderful years together!  Thank you to my wonderful son, Justin, who has and always will be my inspiration for writing.  You have provided many hours of thought provoking discussions on so many topics, but most of all on the supernatural genre.  I have two beautiful sisters who helped me on this project.  Firstly, my sister Lynn who edited the book or it would not be available for anyone’s viewing and my sister Cindy who surprised me with her wonderful artistic abilities in the form of a sketch for the cover of this ebook.  Let’s hope they continue to work with me.  Thank you to both!  Without the readers, I wouldn’t be writing!  So thank you to the readers who are buying Wake Me Up Inside.  I am happy with the reception and am presently working on the second installment in this trilogy about Paige Maddison.  Finally, thank you to Mr. John Robert Colombo, Canada’s Mr Mystery, for his kindness, encouragement and helpful guidance in this journey.

Local Writer Releases Young Adult eBook

Read it today in The Orillia Packet Times!  Lee Bice-Matheson publishes ebook entitled Wake Me Up Inside


the question for the month is:  DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?