March Break Fun: Book Signing at Chapters Bayview Village for Lee Bice-Matheson & the Paige Maddison Series

It was this author’s dream come true with the exception of missing my coauthor and son. Unfortunately, J.R. Matheson caught a virus that many have succumbed to in our cold Canadian winter season. So many book lovers asked about J.R. and wished him well. I passed the well wishes along. 🙂 Thank you kindly.

Photo from our first book signing at Chapters Bayview Village, November 14, 2015.

Photo from our first book signing at Chapters Bayview Village, November 14, 2015.

From the moment I arrived with books in hand, I was greeted at the door by Donald who informed me our desk and Indigo tablecloth was all set up at the top of the escalator, second floor. Heather then arranged for the Paige Maddison Series to be processed and later brought the books upstairs for our signing. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful staff at Chapters Bayview Village for your support and encouragement including Heather, Yasir, Donald, Frances, and Brett. I felt very welcomed and honoured, indeed. Also, thank you Heather for introducing me on the PA system. That was fantastic! Thank you Colin for arranging all of this, and Yasir for overseeing it. 20151114_141739

We had many book lovers drop by. From my cousin Jason and his loving wife, Michelle, and his lovely family, to my mentors JR Colombo and his loving wife Ruth, and a childhood friend, Suzanne, who surprised me, too! It was a wonderful start to the book signing event. I had many wonderful conversations with interested readers from young tweens/teens to those who are young at heart. One young lady who bought the series exclaimed, “I know I’m going to love this series!” And later she returned and asked, “What are your plans with the Paige Maddison Series?” I was delighted as I had seen her reading part of the first novel, Wake Me Up Inside. I shared that our son, J.R., was now in his PhD full-time and he was sadly retiring from writing with me. However, I shared I have already begun book four and am rebranding the series wherein each novel will be a standalone mystery much like the Nancy Drew series. I smiled and said to her, “You’re probably too young to know who that is.” She broke out into a huge smile and said, “Oh, I know who Nancy Drew is. That’s awesome!” I grabbed a copy of Shine Your Light, flipped it over, and showed her JR Colombo’s book blurb: “Paige is … the Nancy Drew of the realm of high spirits and dreams  and visions. In my opinion, it is “a keeper.”” She walked away with a spring in her step. It made my day. That exchange is what means the most to me …  to hear the readers’ thoughts and their input. The questions from the tweens and teens were insightful.  I was so happy to have an audience with everyone who dropped by. Thank you to each and every one of you who made the effort and also encouraged the Paige Maddison Series to go forward. And a special thank you to those book lovers who picked up a copy of our series. J.R., my husband and business manager, Kevin, and I all thank you! All 3 books in the series were sold: Wake Me Up Inside, #1; Destiny’s Gate, #2; Shine Your Light, #3, our new release and bestseller. For readers who missed this book signing, we are happy to announce Chapters Bayview Village is stocking the Paige Maddison Series. You can pick them up any time. To see all of the photos please go to our Facebook:

Thank you again to Chapters Bayview Village for hosting us and to Colin for booking us first to launch our new release, Shine Your Light.  I loved every second at Chapters Bayview Village. We area honoured they’ve asked us to return again soon. Thank you so much!

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