Bonne Fete, Bon Anniversaire, Buon Compleanno, Feliz Compleanos, Happy Birthday

I love November. It was my mother’s birthday month and mine! Mom’s was on the 19th and I was born the next day on the 20th. How great is that?! To be able to celebrate your birthday with your Mom each year was a blessing. I loved it! It made it more special because it wasn’t just about me. I loved helping her to celebrate her special day and mine. If you are celebrating a birthday this month, please do not let anyone make you feel like November’s a blah month. So far this November, we’ve had many sunny days and it’s been warmer than normal. I love it because it’s between two holidays – Thanksgiving (October in Canada) and Christmas. But don’t let us Scorpios fool you. For the younger ones in the crowd, we do not like Christmas gifts as birthday gifts. Remember it is a birthday, after all. I for one do not look for presents. This year my husband is whisking us away for two weeks in sunny Florida (very lucky am I) and I get to spend this birthday with my sister (who lives in our hometown of Sarnia). We will be in Florida at the same time. We will miss our sister who is unable to make it down from Toronto but know she will be with us in spirit. You will be missed! Our son Justin (co-author of book two in the Paige Maddison Series) is working very hard at university and you know we miss you! Time off for this hard-working writer, office manager, receptionist, maid, chief cook and bottle washer. Happy Birthday my fellow November babies. Enjoy your special day and do something you want to do with the people you love. The best part for me – ourHave a great November everyone! editor loves book two –it transitions well from book one – Wake Me Up Inside – and she said it’s epic! Nice note to go away on, don’t you agree?

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