2016 is Off to a Great Start for Coauthors J.R. Matheson and Lee Bice-Matheson

I have to admit after our big year in 2015 with lots of travel for our series to bookstore signings in Ontario, I was left exhausted and happy. Between working in our Clinic and managing it, writing book 3, marketing the first two books, and providing support to those who needed it, I was thankful our last book signing just before Christmas was postponed until the Spring. J.R. and I always want to present our best selves for those kind enough to come out and meet us. Now our schedule looks busy again with radio interviews booked, Chapters Book signings, Independent bookstore signings, and our manuscript due on our editor’s desk, April 11th. Thank Heavens for holidays, right everyone?

Christmas 2015 with Lee, J.R., and Kevin Matheson.

Christmas 2015 with Lee, J.R., and Kevin Matheson.

I know there are many authors much busier than we are, and our hat’s off to you. Keep on going. We don’t know how you do it. We are in awe of you. It’s a wonderful life, a busy life, and I know I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I love, and I know J.R. you do too, meeting the book loving public in person. This is why we write to connect with book lovers and hear their stories. There is an exchange of information that shapes who we are as writers. Lucky indeed. Let’s hope book lovers are ready for our next novel, right J.R.? There’s a few times when I’m reading a scene, and I get up and walk away from the computer. Tears, laughter, joy, pain, and the haunting tale of good vs evil. Have a great week to all. Thank You to our supporters.

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