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by Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson 


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J.R. Matheson and I are grateful to be named Amazon Bestselling Authors and #3 HOT NEW RELEASE. We thank all of our loyal readers and supporters.

J.R. Matheson & I are grateful to be named Amazon Bestselling Authors for Shine Your Light, Paper-back edition + #2 HOT NEW RELEASE. We thank all of our loyal readers and supporters.

Paige Maddison is only 17 years old, but many know her spirit is ageless. She holds the gift of seeing beyond the layers of our reality, the courage to battle the evils that threaten to tear those layers apart, and the key to an ancient mystery that will decide the fate of the spirit realm, and our own, for another century.

In Shine Your Light, the third book of the Paige Maddison series, Paige finds herself precariously balanced between the mortal and spiritual realms, even while being haunted by events of the past. Surrounded by powerful allies, old and new, she discovers the true power of friendship?and the impact of its betrayal?as she faces her greatest challenge: the Prince of Darkness himself. The Ultimate Evil.

When a black moon looms over All Hallows’ Eve, and the battle for control of an ancient Grimoire threatens to destroy the world as we know it, Paige will be put to the test. Will love and goodness win the day? Will the strength and magic of her Celtic ancestry, the First Nations People, her Spirit Wolf family, or even divine intervention be enough to help her prevail?

Paige’s visions tell her that she is the Chosen One?chosen by fate, God, or perhaps the universe itself … but is she worthy? The ultimate battle between fallen angels, humanity, and the upperworld is about to be fought on Earth’s battlefield.

What if they’ve made the wrong choice?



Shine Your Light is a delightful and insightful novel, one that sheds light on all that it surveys. It beautifully describes the incredible adventures of the youthful Paige Maddison (familiar from the author’s two previous and popular novels) who while still a high-school student is wise beyond her years. As well, she is an intuitive person whose feet are firmly planted on the ground, though at times she seems to have her head in the clouds, where she communes with the spirits of Archangels Raphael and Michael, King Solomon, Grey Owl, and even the dreaded Beelzebub! Like many of her high-school girlfriends, Paige is a well-rounded and purposeful personality, so much so that I found myself thinking about her as the Nancy Drew of the realm of high spirits and dreams and visions, traumatic experiences and out-of-body trips, all convincingly described! She almost single-handedly sets the world aright. Readers who enjoy learning about “medicine bundles” and “earth religions,” as well as being carried along by descriptions of lively human beings with whom it is easy to identify, will find this well-wrought work of fantasy to their liking. In my opinion, it is “a keeper.” It is also (risking a pun) a Paige-turner.

John Robert Colombo, Author and Anthologist

Shine Your Light is a unique blend of Biblical quest and supernatural adventure, as Paige Maddison experiences her spiritual awakening and joins forces with angels and shape-shifters to fight the most important battle of her life. A very enjoyable and deeply spiritual addition to the Paige Maddison series.

Philip Henry, Author and Film-maker

Shine Your Light, the third installment of the Paige Maddison Series is a heart stopper. The ongoing struggle between good and evil plays itself out on the O’Brien Estate with ever increasing intensity. The protagonist is Paige, a seventeen-year-old young woman who has spiritual powers and helpers revealed through a crescendo of events. The antagonist is the mysterious Ariana desperate to locate the ancient Seal of Solomon and its accompanying grimoire. Helped by black magic and the prima-demon Beelzebul the struggle ends in an epic battle between Paige and Ariana. The epilogue provides a lesson in life sure to be beneficial to all young adults. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

David D. Plain, Award Winning Author

AMAZON REVIEWER, KATY, SAYS: Where do I start? This book was so exciting and detailed from beginning to end! In Shine Your Light, authors Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson pose the question: what would happen if one does not fulfill their destiny and allows darkness to prevail? This novel is electrifying, fast-paced and full of genuine emotion as it transcends matters such as self-doubt and evil. The authors explore and expose details from various sources allowing the reader to learn and grow alongside the heroine. We meet new characters who are gratifyingly developed, namely the villain who aided the plot in becoming the most thrilling and inspiring novel of the trilogy. Paige is transformed throughout her explorations and conquers all with the help of her gifts, angels, respected mentors, family and friends. I definitely had the chills in a few spots. The authors wrote from such a place of love and that jumped right off the page! They leave us with a final notion that we must trust our own instincts and ultimately come from a place of love.  October, 2016

AMAZON REVIEWER SAYS: ‘Wow, what an exciting read! After reading the previous books in the trilogy, I was eager to read Shine Your Light and was not disappointed. Once again the writing from both Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson is seamless, working in perfect unison. Hard to believe there is mother-son duo behind this masterpiece. All of the characters are interesting and so complex, although our heroine, Paige has matured quite a bit throughout the series after overcoming countless otherworldly experiences. Growing up is challenging enough when juggling things such as high school commitments and pressures from friends, but Paige is also navigating her extraordinary gifts. This book has it all: adventure, mystery, multifaceted relationships, discovery and left me feeling uplifted and hopeful. Do yourself a favour and read it!’  November, 2016.

Click on The Authors Show interview below. Listen in as Lee discusses why she writes supernatural fiction and also behind-the-scenes on writing the Paige Maddison Series with co-author & son, J.R. Matheson. They are the first Mom-Son supernatural fiction series writing team. Host Linda Thompson asks some questions that stumped Lee. 13-04-15

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